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With a fun and original approach to mixology, The Bubbling Moments, LLC bartending company has become a known figure in the wedding industry. Based in Cincinnati, our bartenders are highly rated for their passion and knowledge. Learn more about services and offers by browsing the rest of the site.

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Cocktails aren’t just for special occasions, a fact that The Bubbling Moments, LLC discovered early in their career. With just a few gadgets and simple ingredients, anyone can make a good drink. This is one of the aspects that inspires their work as a professional Bartender.Based in Cincinnati, The Bubbling Moments bartending company has become a highly respected name in the wedding industry. Their experienced bartenders have the showmanship mixed with passion, excitement, and positivity!  Mixing the old with the new, this cocktail genius can craft a perfectly prepared classic with a new twist, or serve a completely original drink with basic ingredients and techniques. We simply love what we do! Book with us today!

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Ask about our wedding and private event packages perfectly tailored to your event. We base pricing on guest count and appearance. We do residential parties and celebrations, corporate functions, and wedding receptions. All of our bartenders are licensed and insured per requirement of the company. Ask about our mobile services today!



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